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Becoming Human: A Comment on Chuan Sha’s Poetry

by writer and literary critic Zhou Zhengbao


Whether he is calling to the sun or mumbling to the moon, Chuan Sha in his poetry strikes his readers with a passion, a piety of a burning life, and a live purity that he by no means intends to disguise. In a noisy and cynical world as is today, it has become a challenge to find such a heartbeat of poetry, which displays itself in reality. This heartbeat may be better defined as “a process of becoming human.” 

He wanders, and learns, from the Eastern Hemisphere to the Western, and it won’t be hard to imagine the extension of his vision resulted from his travel. More peculiarly, he connects his thoughts, like a hovering kite with a long and unbroken string, to the “root”, his motherland. The striking contrast shakes the string to “the kite” until a trembling voice has passed through from his poetry to his readers.

Chuan Sha does not intend to forget his past. His laughter and cries all focus on one word: Love. It is this love that created the string to the kite, and it is this love that made the poet utter so meaningful a whisper, and so deep a roar.

Much more about Chuan Sha and other authors to come!