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28 Briarglen Court Unit B, Toronto, ON, Canada M1W 3Z7

©2019 by Bestview Scholars Publishing Ltd.

A Selection of Poems by Chuan Sha


The great collection of poems from world-renowned poet Chuan Sha:


A rare contemporary anthology by a master poet highly acclaimed by best-known writers and literary critics including Ha Jin, America’s National Book Award Winner, and Mo Yan, 2012 Nobel Prize Winner in Literature, among others. Read Chuan Sha's unique treasure to:


•Savor the love poems that have been admired by young ladies for years •Appreciate the graceful humor and satire that expose social ills and corrupt morality;

•Enjoy the finest combination of Chinese and Western artistry at its best •Understand the master poet’s profound wisdom and philosophy 


Buy your copy and enjoy your reading now!


    North America: $12 flat rate

    China: Must come to 28 Briarglen Court, Toronto, ON, Canada, to pickup

    International: $21 flat rate


    Edition: Paperback

    Dimensions: 15.24cmx0.762cmx22.86cm

    Page count: 108

    Year of publication: 2019

    Condition: New