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A New Anthology of Chinese Short-Short Stories: Satire, Love and Marriage


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This anthology contains the best stories of literary award-winning Chinese short-short story writers. They not only entertain, but also make you laugh and cry.


It comprises 101 Chinese stories written by 68 authors, which have been translated by the retired Canadian professor Harry J. Huang, PhD, who is a world-renowned Chinese-English translator, a fiction writer and translation studies scholar. This book is the second of an anthology trilogy. It is divided by theme into seven sections: “Officials at Work,” “Human Compassion,” “Happy Lovers,” “Derailed Relationships,” “Wrongdoings & Punishment,” “Forget & Forgive,” and “Fighters in the Jianghu World.”


This anthology also features a supplement of “Biographical Sketches” which lists every participating author’s major literary publications, prizes, and awards, among others. Also included is a short glossary that explains a list of Chinese terms difficult for the reader to understand. A guide to improve the English reader’s pronunciation of the most difficult Chinese names of people and places—“Pronouncing the Most Difficult Pinyin in the Wade System”—is also made available as a supplement.This is a book of literature for the general public, and it can also be used as a college and university textbook.



    Full title: A New Anthology of Chinese Short-Short Stories: Satire, Love and Marriage

    Publisher: Bestview Scholars Publishing

    Language: English

    ISBN-13: 978-1-896848-15-0

    Product Dimensions: 6 x 1 x 9 inches

    Shipping Weight: 1.5 pounds